By Marie-Jeanne Dubois

Meet Robert Eringer : Narcissistic Personality Disorder Spreads Online

Nowadays, more and more people demonstrating a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are running wild on the Internet. Like a spider that catches a fly in its web, the Internet enables these people to bog down their victim into their perverse game and to stalk them restlessly. Some of them even developed a very special way to feed their inflated sense of self-importance: catch a world leader in their web.

While browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon an intriguing character that fascinated me: Robert Eringer. The latter is very active online: through his blogs, where videos and interviews are regularly posted, he identifies himself to world leaders and thereby hopes to be heard by million of web surfers – which would be his dream come true.

Looking closer at Robert Eringer’s clinical case is very enlightening and shows that the need to stage your own life is a major defining feature of NPD.

Robert Eringer hung up himself to two prominent characters: Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert of Monaco. We might not agree with their political affiliations but Eringer’s choice is not primarily based on politics. The desperate will to humiliate and destroy the icon chosen is another recurrent feature of NPD, bordering on perversion. Robert Eringer delights himself in trashing those he envies the most.

He also gets some perverse pleasure out of ruining the image of their wives and entourage in a pretty disgraceful way.

When being filmed, his body language and the tone of his voice reveal his inner feeling of almightiness which applies to all NPD sufferers.

Also, Robert Eringer openly drinks, which helps him bury his anxiety and drown his fear of being uncovered down a few bottles. Drinking enables Eringer to indulge himself in the denial of his own suffering so hard that it unconsciously shows to the whole world.

He’s fearless and likes to depict himself as a modern-day hero, a multi-talented character – spy, journalist, writer, guardian and savior of mankind all at the same time. Sadly, success is not always on time but Robert Eringer has adopted an attitude no matter what: he will put the responsibility of his failure on someone else’s shoulders. Eringer was unable to free Russia from communism? It’s Vladimir Putin’s fault. Eringer never was the great spy he was meant to be? It’s Prince Albert’s fault. Robert Eringer wraps himself into a convenient plum role and let his scapegoats carry the burden of all his failures.

As a prolific sick person, Eringer literally vomits his hatred online. Doesn’t Paul-Claude Racamier call narcissists “vomiters”?

His online activity seems to be his only reason for living and his only chance of mental survival. As for many chronic NPD sufferers, the Internet is the way to heal narcissistic wounds and to prevent the rest of the world from being aware of their emptiness.

Remember that speech is their favorite weapon – even nonsensical speech. Robert Eringer floods his victims with ludicrous accusations, but whatever, the more ridiculous these accusations are the more confused is Eringer’s audience. In the meantime, Robert Eringer continues to reap the benefits of this masquerade. He is a master in pretending he is the victim, when he is in fact the headman magically turning his vindictiveness into self-defense.

He needs to believe that he has been charged with a mission to defend a truth only known by him and his followers. By harassing his victims online, Eringer actually maintains bonds with them. The more he harasses, the stronger the bond. The tighter he holds the victim in his web, the quicker his narcissistic wounds will heal.